Single version of the truth

Logic Intelligence helps business to talk same numbers across the organization to bring single source of truth and single version of the truth. We are experienced in centralizing the enterprise data and the information.

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Data Analytics

Logic Intelligence Approach

We use proven methodologies to elicit and analyze your business requirements towards identifying the data analytics activities that will optimize your operations and decision-making.

Logic Intelligence will discover and document the full range of places and repositories where your data reside, including structured, unstructured and semi-structured data sources.

Our data ingestion approach ensures that data from all available sources are consolidated and persisted in ways that enable scalable access and high-performance analytics.

We identify and implement a rich set of high-performance transformations towards building effective end-to-end data analytics pipelines.

Our data analytics tasks are driven by well-structured data models that capture business requirements and domain knowledge alike.

Cloud Data Flow Migration
how Logic Intelligence can help you

We help you get information from the data

Big Data

We work with challenging (BigData) datasets that comprise very large data volumes of high-velocity data, as well multiple heterogenous data sources and data streams with very high ingestion rates.

Data Warehousing

Our experts develop and deploy leading edge data warehousing solutions that facilitate reporting and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) over well-structured datasets.

Business Intelligence

LI delivers the next generation of business intelligence services that combine BigData analytics and OLAP into unique business insights.

Cloud Migration

Based on a set of well-designed cloud migration services, our clients benefit from the scalability, efficiency and quality of service of modern cloud computing infrastructures.

Solutions to get started

Data Analytics services