Finding the right candidate for the right job is always the first step in getting the job done.

How We Can Help

The fact that we have a lot of tools to do one job makes things complicated. We are specialized in data related technologies. we are capable of choosing the right candidate for the right job for data related projects.

BI Staffing

Logic Intelligence is a boutique data shop specialized in Business Intelligence, IoT, GIS and AI.

Tech Talent

Modern data platforms requires tech talents who are specialized in different aspects of the development process.

The right talent

Breaking free from legacy systems needs the right talent. We at LI are experienced in finding the right candidate for data driven application development.

Data Professionals

Top Talent Acquisition and Retention

Data literacy is a main factor in the success of a data project. It takes at least 6 months to learn about the business process and data complexities. So, it is important not to switch the resources between a data project.

Business Needs

When business requirements overturn the resources to do the project, Logic Intelligence can provide an extra hand.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talented team is a success factor of a project. Most of the time organizations has to acquire unique talents due to modern technologies changes. A good talent acquisition strategy helps hiring process outperform the competitors.

Talent Performance Evaluation

Our combination of online and in-person performance review process helps organizations to easily asses the talent on a future potential. It saves managers time and gain consistency.

Talent Retention Strategy

The employee retention strategies LI implements helps to keep them motivated and focused on the work they are doing. The job security, respectful treatment, the trust and the opportunities help them to contribute to the overall success of the company.

Talent Service Areas

LI provide Technical Talents in Data domain


Data Engineers


Data Scientists


BI Architects


BI Developers


Project Managers


IoT Data Analyst


Business Analyst


Systems Analyst