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Becoming an entrepreneur has been Promod’s passion from childhood. As a teenager, his first business experience was selling birds (parakeets) and water plants at Saturday markets, which he found very thrilling. Dealing with customers and their needs helped him understand supply and demand in business; helping others and feeling satisfied is always a good feeling. Being a computer science graduate helped Promod use his talents in business. Logic Intelligence has been in service for the past 20 years. There are three partners in the business: Jay Schneider, Sumi Promod and Promod Antony.

Logic Intelligence can help implement software and provide resources capable of centralizing the entire construction business process and project management from bidding to closeout. They can also implement software that can do daily auditing. Logic Intelligence is an ESB, MBE, DBE and NMSDC certified company. Their services have been used in various forms to help businesses grow.

Logic Intelligence’s services help businesses analyze data to find meaningful insights to improve their growth. They implement IoT devices/sensors and integrate them into business’s daily work flow. Logic Intelligence has experience working with small to Fortune 500 companies in their finance, sales and marketing, IT etc. They have a variety of service options available to businesses depending on their needs. They provide business analyst, systems analyst, project management, scrum masters and developer services. Their team is very knowledgeable in the automation of collecting data, cleansing data, transforming data and reporting. As a small business, they are proud to provide services as a standalone team.

Logic Intelligence has been working with a Fortune 500 company in the Hillsboro area for the past 15 years and counting.  They have implemented a centralized database to collect, cleanse, transform, report and analyze the Fortune 500 company’s data; they build the company’s big data environment for their data analytical needs. Some of the challenges that Logic Intelligence faces include working with worldwide customers and meeting their data and reporting needs.

A defining moment for Logic Intelligence was recently during this pandemic; they were able to provide their services to a non-profit organization on a below market rate to help them service at-risk students. Logic Intelligence feels proud to give back to the community by helping non-profits find solutions by using their services.