Intelligent Retail Services

Logic Intelligence works with retail partners to use their sales, marketing and website click data to identify potential opportunities and increase efficiency.

Foot traffic analytics
Location based reporting
Financial reporting
Device and click analysis
Product reporting
Secured B2B Data Exchange
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Logic Intelligence solutions for Retail


Digital Transformation

LI helps organizations to build their enterprise data lakes by creating breakthrough decision infrastructure to managers take data driven decisions.


Real-time reporting

Real-time breakthrough decision infrastructure helps managers take data driven decisions at a faster pace. The information is build from multiple data sources to take real time alerts and information.


Foot Traffic Analytics

Higher foot traffic leads to higher revenue. Pedestrian activity and analysis helps retail store owners to keep track of customer foot traffic.


Retail Analytics

Our retail data analytics experience helps organizations discover key insights into their business operations. We are capable of combining structured and unstructured data souces from multiple sources.


Internet Of Things

Digital transformation is possible with collecting varied set of data points and using it as a part of competitive advantage. With our IoT solutions, we can build such automatic data points.


Retail B2B data exchange

Co-selling and partnerships often involve securely exchanging the data between two companies. We build systems that could seamlesely exchange the data in a fast pace.

Connecting the past, Unlocking the future.®

Logic Intelligence approach to Retail Analytics


Collect the Data

The art of collecting the right data at the right time requires technology, experience and thought process. Our Intelligence team are data artists who have the vision for putting data to work.


Apply Logic Intelligence

Logic is the secret sauce of a digital company! At Logic Intelligence, we logically find solutions to your business problems using data and the latest technologies.


Predict the Future

Logic Intelligence collects the data, connects the information from the past to create an educated guess from the patterns and incidents.