Intelligent Retail Services

Logic Intelligence works with retail partners to use their sales, marketing and website click data to identify potential opportunities and increase efficiency.

Foot traffic analytics
Location based reporting
Financial reporting
Device and click analysis
Product reporting
Secured B2B Data Exchange
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Logic Intelligence solutions for Retail


Digital Transformation

LI helps organizations efficiently and effectively store data from various relevant sources to create breakthrough decision infrastructures to help them make wise, data-driven decisions.


Real-time reporting

Having instant access to the most recent data helps organizations respond to the most recent opportunities and potential issues with timely, accurate action plans with as little delay as possible.


Foot Traffic Analytics

Increasing customer foot-traffic raises the probability of seeing increased sales revenue. Having the ability to quickly and accurately analyze customer foot-traffic ensures retail organizations take actions that meet customer needs to the highest degree possible. And identify new opportunities to address customer needs.


Retail Analytics

Our retail data analytics experience helps organizations discover key business operation insights by combining structured and unstructured data from various relevant sources. Knowledge based on accurate, relevant data leads to effective operational decision-making.


Internet Of Things

Current technology capabilities create the opportunity to extend digital transformation by leveraging access to instantaneous data metrics produced by various types of connected devices. LI can help organizations implement IoT to achieve a wide-array of time-sensitive goals that create opportunities for enhancing its competitive advantage.


Retail B2B data exchange

Co-selling and partnerships often involve securely exchanging data between two companies. LI can help customers increase the effectiveness of their business relationships by seamlessly, and securely, sharing relevant data.

Connecting the past, Unlocking the future.®

Logic Intelligence approach to Retail Analytics


Step 1: Collect Relevant Data

There’s an art to collecting and using just the right data at just the right time. Our data professionals have the skills to take advantage of modern data and analytics technologies to enhance our customer’s vision of themselves and the environment in which they live.


Step 2: Apply Logic & Intelligence

Combining Logic and Intelligence creates an extremely powerful “secret sauce” that helps organizations find opportunities for growth and gain competitive advantage. The latest technologies allow us to help our customers succeed at reaching their goals. As our company name shows, we have fully embraced the power of the two concepts.


Step 3: Predict the Future

Using data and analytics to assess the probability of various conditions and events is not only possible. It’s necessary. Our motto “Connecting the past, unlocking the future®” says it all.”