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Single version of the truth

In the world of modern business, advanced analytics and business intelligence (BI) are pivotal. Logic Intelligence provides a single version of the truth, ensuring that businesses speak the same numbers across the organization. Our expertise in centralizing enterprise data and information helps create a unified source of truth.

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Information Management Services

Our experts implement robust, efficient, and scalable solutions that automate the essential tasks of collecting and pre-processing data from various sources. This automation ensures seamless data flow and reliability, which are crucial for effective business intelligence.
Addressing data imperfections is our forte. We effectively manage incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, and irrelevant information to ensure your data’s integrity and usability, both of which are essential for advanced analytics and BI.
Automation of Data Ingestion Logic Intelligence excels in developing higher-level data models using cubes. These models drive information exploration and business intelligence, thereby transforming raw data into meaningful insights.
Our team is adept at designing and developing compelling, user-friendly visualizations. These visualizations merge analytics with business insights, making complex data understandable and actionable.

We help you get information from the data

How Logic Intelligence can help you.

Big Data

We specialize in handling challenging Big Data sets, characterized by very large volumes, high velocity, and multiple heterogeneous data sources. Our solutions manage high ingestion rates and ensure your data is ready for advanced analytics.

Data Warehousing

In addition, our experts develop and deploy cutting-edge data warehousing solutions. These solutions facilitate reporting and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) over well-structured datasets, providing a solid foundation for business intelligence.

Business Intelligence

Logic Intelligence delivers the next generation of business intelligence services. By combining Big Data analytics and OLAP, we generate unique business insights that drive strategic decision-making.

Cloud Migration

With our well-designed cloud migration services, clients benefit from the scalability, efficiency, and quality of modern cloud computing infrastructures. This transition enhances data management and supports advanced analytics and BI efforts.

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