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Copilot for Power BI Need to make a decision? Let AI help you design a report. Logic Intelligence can help you prepare your data and be ready for using Copilot in Power BI GEN AI.LI Empower your Sales teams AI powered Dynamics 365 Sales, enhanced with Copilot AI-driven solution that boosts seller efficiency by automating routine tasks and providing actionable insights, enabling them to spend more time closing deals. It assists throughout the sales process, from preparing for meetings with comprehensive customer insights to optimizing post-meeting follow-ups and prioritizing actions to advance the sales pipeline. Copilot for Sales
Microsoft Copilot Studio Graphical low-code tool for building your own Copilots Enables users to easily build copilots without the need for data scientists or developers, supporting tasks such as sales help, employee inquiries, and public health tracking across various channels. Build Copilots Microsoft Copilot in your everyday apps Teams | Word | Outlook | PowerPoint | Excel Microsoft Copilot and Logic Intelligence are redefining productivity in every workplace. Win with Copilot

Unlocking Sales Productivity with
Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Copilot for Sales

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Microsoft Copilot for Sales

     Copilot for Sales

             Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an AI-powered solution that empowers sellers by reducing manual tasks and allowing them to focus on closing deals. With Copilot, sellers can access quick summaries of customer data, stay updated on activities, and receive prioritized recommendations for progressing their sales pipeline. Additionally, sales managers benefit from powerful tools to track team performance and guide their sales activities based on best practices.

Microsoft Copilot for Fabric

Weaving Insights, Guided by Copilot.

Copilot for Fabric significantly enhances business analysts’ productivity by providing intelligent code completion, automating routine tasks, and offering standard code templates for data science, data engineering, and Power BI. It streamlines data analysis, accelerates report creation, and supports real-time intelligence exploration, benefiting both experienced professionals and citizen data analysts.

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