It’s the result of weeks or months of discovery, design and implementation. It adheres to best known methods for automation and governance. With exemplary quality, completeness, and connectedness, it outshines other business intelligence projects. And best of all, it is delivered on budget and on time.


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LI charts a fast path to a client’s goal state. Our analytics practice enables clients to focus on business, develop new strengths, and achieve breakthrough results.



Data models provide additional insights when location is added via a map. It provides spatial analysis to uncover hidden pattern and improve predictive modeling.



Business process breakthroughs require expertise beyond PCs. Our clients enable new workflows and customer experiences.


Most organizations need outside support to connect fractured data sources.

Our approach is to chart the fastest path to critical data centralization. We provide best known methods. We manage and staff your next data consolidation project. Logic Intelligence clients

  • reduce data sources and reporting systems
  • analyze customer data more holistically
  • bridge silos
  • establish official data sources for critical subject areas
  • outsource data operations and IT
  • glean insights faster than ever
Business data exchange
Marketing Analyst

Channel Sales Intelligence enable clients to

  • World wide and regional channel sales
  • Channel Performance Analysis
  • automate A|B testing
  • Complex Points and Bonus calculations and reporting
  • retain strategic customers
  • align on critical metrics

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our team refines data into insights via


data cleansing & transformation

We identify and implement a rich set of high-performance transformations towards building effective end-to-end data analytics pipelines.


data governance consulting

Our experts establish effective data management policies tailored to the needs of our customers, including clear responsibilities for authoring, curating, and accessing enterprise data assets.


Geographic Information System (GIS)

Plotting data in Maps helps users to visually assess the data at a location perspective. Our partnership with location data providers helps retail store owners to keep track of customer foot traffic.


IoT intelligence

Optimize IoT data’s value by connecting it to core business information. LI can provide a custom package to enable a roadmap to breakthrough integration and reliable maintenance.


data visualization

Data Viz is story telling by highlighting the information that is important to the company and making the decision process easier. It is an art of weaving the data together so that it makes sense across the business units.


data quality reporting

Trust in the data comes with the quality of the data. We build data quality assurance, monitoring and reporting to build that trust. Stale data is better than bad data.


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