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Financial Data Analysis

Number is the king when it comes to finance. If the data doesn’t match with multiple reporting system, the decision making process will be delayed.

The trend analysis and data comparison analysis is done by collecting the right data and used in with comparison to time. When this data is analyzed using maps in perspective to the geographic location, the financial analyst will have the utmost power.

What we do

Our experience in helping fortune 500 companies to tie their world wide financial numbers helps them to take informed decisions. We prevent data silos to get one version of the truth. This helps them to build trust in the data and take confident decisions.

Data Analytics

We help organizations achieve their strategic initiative.

  • Our BI team is able to understand what Finance users are trying to communicate.
  • Our breakthrough decision infrastructure is capable of breaking down the silos and bring one version of the truth.
Data Governance

Modern data platform requires data discovery, search and collaboration.

  • We help data catalog and search, governance of shared data, master data management and data quality.
  • Data governance helps organizations to centralize the data and achieve organization goals.
Data Lake

Is your data lake became a dumping ground for data?

  • Data Lake is useless if we cannot mine the data from that and use it for the benefit of the business.
  • We help organizations to architect data Lakes. Choosing the right platform and data architecture helps to organize data for later use.
B2B Data Exchange

Co-selling and partnering brings complexities.

  • In modern world no one wants to wait. We help organizations to securely share the data between B2B without creating copies of the data.
  • Monitoring and auditing “who gets to see what” is another time consuming process.

Industry Expertise

Logic Intelligence experience include the following

Cloud Migration

We help organizations in their digital transformation. We are capable of building cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Breakthrough Decision Infrastructure

Our proven method of building a breakthrough decision infrastructure helps organizations to centralize the data and take data driven decisions.

Data Analytics

Through marketplace and data exchange in the cloud, Logic Intelligence is capable of building data analytics that can be built from structured, semi-structured or unstructured data.

Data Architecture

On-prem enterprise data platforms are often migrated to SaaS platforms for the flexibility. At LI, we can provide data architecture that combines multiple SaaS platforms.

Data Quality Reporting

Trust in the data comes with the quality of the data. We build data quality assurance, monitoring and reporting to build that trust. Stale data is better than bad data.

Data Alert Systems

Data driven alerts helps finance teams to get notified on anomalies and data changes. We help to create systems that notify users when there is meaningful data changes.

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