Portland, Oregon, January 2019 – New Year, New Name! JBC Software & Consulting, LLC, is now Logic Intelligence, LLC.

The company chose this new name to more truly reflect its core mission and skillsets and devotion toward helping customers build intelligence on a basis of true knowledge. The company’s organization and management remain the same. However, management has looked back over its history (dating back to 1999) and decided the company has a definite gift for all things data. Logic Intelligence, LLC, believes information can only be deemed truly informational if it yields accurate, usable knowledge: truth. And truth feeds intelligence. Therefore, reliable intelligence comes through the proper application of logic against a foundation of high-quality data. Logic and intelligence truly belong together hence the company’s new name.

Logic Intelligence has had a long, successful technology consulting history, with project engagements including:

Information Management

♦ Design, development, and management of large-scale data repositories used to support various purposes. The most common usage is to provide information for internal reporting and analytics to support critical decision-making tasks.
♦  Design, development, and management of processes that load large quantities of data into enterprise data repositories. Depending on the quality of the data sources, it may be necessary to wrap the processes with appropriate data quality (DQ) measures and controls to ensure
downstream usage is based on the best quality information possible. Good decisions come from great information that’s delivered as soon as possible maybe even in real time, if required by any of the project use cases.

Reporting and Analytics

♦  This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. It’s where what’s described in Information Management pays off. An interface (portal) where actual human beings can find accurate, useful information to answer questions. Accurate answers to key questions are the goal. And certain use cases may involve life-and-death matters. Logic Intelligence has successfully
implemented and maintained enterprise reporting infrastructures for years. And the tools just keep getting better and better. Now there are concepts like predictive-modeling and artificial intelligence (AI) yielding huge benefits in production use this very moment.

Custom Application Development

♦  Public-facing websites for organizations in the financial services, sales and marketing, and online retail industries. All of them with strict compliance and security requirements.
♦  Internally-facing websites for a number of purposes—often to support and manage processes that are integral cogs in various critical systems.
♦  Other custom application developments per customer requirements. Many of these perform “unattended” tasks in support of other applications and process.

About Logic Intelligence, LLC

Logic Intelligence, LLC, located in the Portland, Oregon region has been in existence since 1999, beginning as JBC Software & Consulting. Our new name reflects our core mission and skillsets and devotion toward building intelligence. While we evolve and grow, we will never short-change our
obligation to deliver quality results for our customers.some of which are part of the Fortune 500 list of global companies. One of our key project owners has told us they classify us as an “Epic Vendor.” Not our words. His. We take great pride in being highly regarded by our customers.