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Information can only be deemed truly informational if it yields accurate, useable knowledge: truth. And truth feeds intelligence. Therefore, reliable intelligence comes through the proper application of logic against a foundation of high-quality data. Logic and intelligence truly belong together.

This philosophy drove the recent renaming of JBC Software & Consulting LLC to Logic Intelligence LLC. Jay Schneider, who founded the company in 1999, and his longtime business partner Promod Antony remain at the helm as managing partners. The information technology consulting company is focused on data management, acquisition, collation, analysis and presentation, or big data.

“What we’ve really discovered is that our core competency is data,” Schneider said. “We can do all kinds of software development, but where we really shine is taking raw data and turning it into something people can use.”

Logic Intelligence uses a wide array of data technologies to fix problems for clients and to explore new business development opportunities with them. Organizations can effectively use private and publicly available information to better understand themselves and their operating environment via methodologies such as business intelligence, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, he said.

“As people have understood this is a growing area and, as a society, we get hit with so much information, but that’s a pretty sketchy definition because information is only information if it’s correct and you can use it. Otherwise you can’t really use it. You can’t come to truthful conclusions unless you’re following a thoughtful process,” Schneider said.

Its information management services include the design, development and management of large-scale data repositories used to support internal reporting and critical decision-making, among other purposes. It also designs, develops and manages processes that load large quantities of data into enterprise data repositories, often implementing data quality measures and controls that can help provide accurate information in real time.

Logic Intelligence’s custom application development encompasses public websites for organizations in financial services, sales and marketing, and online retail businesses as well as internal websites that help support and manage processes that are integral cogs in various critical systems.

The company operates with a team of six employees, all of whom work remotely. Schneider and Antony also work from their homes.

“This small team can turn around a lot of work really fast,” Schneider said. “Working from home has been a real benefit for everybody because you have the opportunity to get out and exercise, take breaks and get away, and we’re also not polluting the environment.”

Potential growth opportunities he and Antony see include consulting on public-sector projects. Logic Intelligence is classified by the state as an emerging small business and designated as a small business under federal guidelines, which allows it to participate in public-sector set-asides. The company is also looking for growth through the addition of products and services directed toward the medical and consumer privacy industries, as well as on-demand and subscription services for custom data cleansing and integration.