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Shipment Tracking

Stay Ahead, Stay Informed - Track Your Shipments with Confidence

Supply chain disruptions can lead to substantial downtime, lost revenue, and escalated costs. Without the critical insights provided by supply chain tracking software, organizations remain blind to potential disruptions, making it challenging to anticipate, respond to, and mitigate the impact effectively.

At Logic Intelligence Shipment Track and Trace solutions offer a cutting-edge, intelligent system designed to manage every stage of your extended supply chain. This modern approach ensures accurate, real-time, end-to-end visibility into shipments and assets, empowering your organization to stay ahead of potential disruptions and maintain seamless operations.

Key Benefits

Improve end-to-end visibility

Utilize IoT-sourced data to achieve end-to-end visibility of your highly interconnected supply chain asset shipments across multi-modal 3PL providers. This advanced approach ensures seamless tracking and management, giving you real-time insights and enhanced control over every stage of your logistics network.

Automate processes

Monitor inventory levels and consumption patterns in real time with our shipment tracking solutions, which automate the replenishment process with your suppliers.

Create repeatable best practices

Leverage supply chain tracking software to identify and mitigate disruptions, while understanding trends to establish repeatable best practices that eliminate bottlenecks.

Achieve fast ROI

Adopt a phased approach to digital, IoT-driven track and trace systems for quick investment benefits, gradually transitioning to more advanced capabilities as needed.

Control and govern supply chain performance

Utilize track and trace technology to manage supply chain performance through a role-based interface, enabling workflows and downstream applications with real-time notifications.

Cost Savings

 Identify cost-saving opportunities by optimizing routes, reducing transit times, and minimizing the risk of lost or delayed shipments.

Business impacts

Shipment tracking

With limited shipment visibility, companies are left to pad lead times to compensate for late deliveries, resulting in excess inventory and poor cash flow. Leverage IoT-driven track and trace software to monitor shipments and avoid delays.

Shipment intelligence

To make informed purchasing decisions, supply chain leaders need real-time product and delivery data paper-based methods can’t offer. Visualize end-to-end supply chain processes and optimize performance with B2B transaction data from IoT sources.

Shipment monitoring

Procurement teams waste time and money replacing product lost due to rough treatment or harsh temperatures during shipping. Leverage data on environmental conditions to anticipate climate issues and prevent product damage.

Shipment insights

Supply chains rely on data from disparate sources, such as B2B transactions, regional news and weather, and 3PL carrier-related feeds, to make decisions. Leverage shipment tracking software to ingest all relevant data into powerful analytics engines for insights to meet future demands.

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